Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dressing for Sunshine

Hoping to encourage this rising sun to burn the clouds off and cheer on these little guys so that they might open up like thisand show off their pretty selves

and also so that there will be more sunshine and warmth so that I can show off my new toenails in their new shoes (what? I had to buy these 'cause I forgot to bring my flip-flops with me and I could hardly muss up my pretty new polish in tights and closed-toe pumps, could I now?)
HushPuppies -- I know, I was surprised too, and I'll definitely wear these in Paris . . .
Anyway, as I was saying, wanting to encourage the spring sunshine to come on in, sit down, get comfortable, spread the wealth, etc., etc., I decided to send a loud and clear message . . .
I "muted" this dress a few weeks ago by wearing it over skinny jeans, but today I opened the new spring-coloured Hue tights I bought last month and haven't felt up to yet.
Yes, a bit bold, but I'm having fun . . .
Again, I know I'm really stretching the notion of Twisted Classic, but I think that the dress' shape (classic sheath, not tight), the black fairly-straightforward pump, the toning-down effect of the black leather jacket, all combine to ground the bold graphic and the coloured legs. Am I wrong? Fooling myself? What do you think?

You know what's fun? While I'm curious to know what you think, I've realized that I like, so I'm wearing -- that's a lovely discovery. . .
Oh, and full disclosure . . . I did grab this bag as I headed out the door, and I may have tipped the balance way over onto the Twist side. Still liking, though . . .
Added Later: Several weeks ago, Miss Cavendish noted that she'd been observing this Aqua-and-Red combo. . . I'd forgotten 'til I saw this photo, but perhaps her post was subliminally nudging me down this colour pathway . . .

And the sun's shining, full on -- all thanks to me, I'm sure.
Updated to add:
Dress: Banana Republic, two years old
Shoes: Tsubo, in their second year
Tights: Hue, new (who knew? get it? ha!)
Leather jacket: Mackage, 3 or 4 years old
Scarf: Christmas gift from my daughter -- Club Monaco
Bag: MO851, year old