Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Daughter Models . . . Colourful Knit!

As promised, here is my most recent Knitting FO, the Kauni cardigan, being modeled by its intended recipient, daughter #3 -- who, I'm pleased to say, claims to love it and says she will wear it regularly enough to justify giving it to her (I said if she finds that's not the case, I have first dibs on it -- I'd just hang it over a chair for a bit of colour, and wear it at home).
Megan fairly points out that if she'd had advance notice, she would have styled the sweater differently, wearing it over something that it could play against more convincingly. But I think she's already making it look pretty good. . .
Don't you agree? (and yes, her curls are courtesy of Mother Nature -- and she has the thickest hair any of her hairdressers have EVER seen!). Love you, sweetie!

จักรยานโบราณ phillip

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ขายจักรยานโบราณ PHILLIPS 28นิ้ว : 2008-06-17 08:22 ...
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Sky Wave 650 Type S

In 2005 Suzuki created the Skywave 650 LX, which is a Twin 638.00 ccm (38,74 cubic inches) beautiful motorcycle that we will now get to know better by examining its characteristics in further detail.

Over the next few lines Motorbike Specifications will provide you with a complete list of the available Suzuki Skywave 650 LX technical specifications, such as engine type, horsepower, torque, top speed, compression rates, tyre dimensions and many others, so here it goes:

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Suzuki Skywave 650 LX Technical Specifications

* Brand: Suzuki
* Model: Skywave 650 LX
* Production Year: 2005
* Category (Type of Bike): Scooter
* Engine Size: 638.00 ccm (38,74 cubic inches)
* Engine Type: Twin
* Engine Horsepower: 49.61 HP (36.2 kW
* Compression Rates: N/A
* Stroke: 4
* Torque: 60.00 Nm (6.1 kgf-m or 44.3 ft.lbs
* Starter Type: N/A
* Top Speed: N/A
* Transmission Type: N/A
* Gearbox Type: 5 speed
* Fuel Capacity: 15.00 litres (3,94 gallons)
* Fuel Control: DOHC
* Number of Valves: N/A
* Cooling System Type: Liquid
* Weight: N/A
* Length: N/A
* Front Brakes Type: N/A
* Rear Brakes Type: N/A
* Front Tyre Dimensions: N/A
* Rear Tyre Dimensions: N/A