Friday, April 2, 2010

It's better than dragons . . .

So much for that! While my bag is packed, I'm ready to go, the storm blew on, unabated, all morning long and mid-afternoon now, I've given up. The small private ferries are not leaving our little island, and even if they were, the large BC Ferries have cancelled several runs and will be full enough carrying those vehicles and passengers already in line. My house-sitter phoned to say she's made it to Nanaimo and taken a hotel room there to wait out the storm -- she'll come over in the morning.

The view from here right now? This shot, as you can see, is taken through the rain-splattered window . . .
Out the back door, you can see some of Nature's pruning -- there are branches down all over the yard. I can take a hint. I'm not meant to travel today, but rather will curl up in my comfy leather armchair and finish reading Beowulf, the wonderful Seamus Heaney translation published by Norton with all manner of interesting illustration -- photos of Norse artifacts, evocative landscapes, reproductions of old manuscripts. And what a gripping tale for a stormy day!

Should you be feeling a wee bit deprived, storm-wise, envious of my appointment with winds and rain, I've upoaded a very short clip -- the wind howls rather tinnily through my wee Canon's audio equipment, but you will get a fine sense of bluster, I think. Perhaps it will inspire you to dig out your own copy of Beowulf. Or pour yourself a few fingers of Scotch? Here's to life's storms -- may they always be managed with a good book and an armchair!

Gemelas Sara y Kirsty de edecanes MCN

Gemelas Sara y Kirsty de edecanes MCN
Estas dos chicas conocidas como las gemelas Sara y Kirsty aparecen en esta foto vestidas de edecanes y promocionando MCN Compare, la aseguradora de motocicletas.

También son producto de Flickr y hasta tienen su propia página y portafolio

Inventor - la moto de DestinyCycles

Nuevamente navegando por el famoso flickr me topé con esta moto que enseguida captó mi atención. El trabajo de pintura se aprecia sumamente pulcro y el diseño es atrevido. Los tonos naranja creo que fueron lo que más me gustó de esta moto que creó, una compañía inglesa que se distingue por sus renombradas creaciones únicas de motocicletas hechas a mano en casa con la mas alta calidad
Destiny Cycles are renowned for unique motorcycles, hand built in-house to the highest quality
Juzguen ustedes mismos que tan bien está ejecutada esta creación

Bicycle Shop (ร้านจักรยาน)

Bicycle Shop
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Kawasaki Motocross

Kawasaki motocross increasingly emphasize its quality,Rick Johnson and Mercedes Gonzales, both legends of the sport in their own right, teamed up in creating a riding school out of Irvine, California called the Motocross School of Champions. While their schools are usually men by a vast majority, both Rick and Mercedes agreed that they thought there was a special need for women. Kawasaki also felt the need to give more attention and support to female riders, so the Kawasaki Women's Motocross School of Champions was born.

Heather Lewis (Jimmy's wife) and I both received invitations to the event which took place at Lake Elsinore Motocross Park. Also on the guest list were some of the most recognizable females in the industry: Miki Keller of the WMA, Pro motocrossers Elizabeth Bash and Kadie Garrett, Former Host of Dirt Rider Adventures Molly Culver, and veteran woman motocross racer Gale Webb (a.k.a. America's Sports Mom).

At the end of the day, we had all picked up a lot. Plus, we all had a great time. Rick and Mercedes really hit it on the head when it comes to teaching girls. We learn differently; we respond to encouragement. After riding with almost entirely guys for years, even I had forgotten how important that can be. I've learned to take not getting run off the track as a sign of encouragement, and a lack of criticism as a compliment. All the "great job!" comments and high fives really made for a fun, relaxing environment (a pleasant change of pace)! Many guys don't understand a girl's constant need for comfort and encouragement, but just know that we're hard-wired that way.

"Being a woman, I understand the fears and the hesitation that women have where men don't," said Mercedes Gonzales, "Because men have the tendency to give you the tools, tell you what to do, and they're like, 'Just do it!' With women, you have to build up their confidence, and assure them that nothing's going to go wrong."

Stormy Doings . . .

Damn! I'm heading over to Vancouver this morning, but right now I'm a bit afraid even to pop my head out the door! Indeed, I opened the oceanfront door to grab the cat's dish and almost couldn't get it closed again -- it is seriously blowing out there. A Southeasterly. 60 to 80 kmh!

Cones and twigs, sometimes whole branches, pelt the roof, a deck chair just went skittering across the balcony outside my bedroom, and the tarp that should be covering the woodpile is straining at its two last ropes while threatening to turn kite on us. I cringe at the clattering on the skylights (we have three!) -- a few years ago, a tree crashed through my friend/neighbour's bathroom skylight during such a storm in a scene much too close to my imagination's conjuring. I'm writing this on my netbook in bed, and occasionally can feel the wall behind the headboard shaking -- impressive display!

And there are huge white-capped waves rolling big logs onto the beach -- high tide compounds the effect, of course. It's going to be quite a ferry ride, one for keeping eyes fastened on the horizon rather than for reading. One to remind me of the trip with my grandparents several decades ago, Pater and I taking them to visit my uncle, and poor Grandpa kept complaining that something was wrong with his legs, not realizing that it was the boat's rolling that made his walking so unsteady.

I'm motivated to be in Vancouver, so will brave the weather. Plus I have a housesitter making her way here later today -- an acquaintance looking for a quiet place to get some thesis-writing done. So curling up on my own here 'til the storm dies down is not an option. Instead, I'd better go shower and get the bed linens washed while the power is still on -- always a chance we'll lose it in these conditions, and I do love my hot water!

Wow! As I write, the house is shuddering with the wind -- I cannot imagine what it must have been like for my friend Alison last year on a sailboat with her husband Kim in any kind of storm at all. Not my cup of tea! Speaking of which, I've just finished mine and really had better get packed and out of here. Let's hope all the rest of the weekend's drama is good drama!

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