Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gifts of Spring -- Scarf Prettiness

When I heard that I'd won the contest for a lovely vintage silk scarf over at Hostess of the Humble Bungalow, I settled in to practise patience waiting for it to arrive. I needn't have -- that hostess is organized and efficient!

And she packs a lovely parcel -- how fun is snail mail! Lots, I say! Lots of fun!

Black tissue paper, a white ribbon, and even a little extra -- a lovely black and white notebook (the pink trim makes it the perfect match for the outfit I wore the other day -- I'll have to carry with, next time!)

Inside the charmingly addressed envelope, a pretty card which I immediately guessed must be a William Morris pattern, knowing the Humble Bungalow's Arts & Crafts provenance.

Sure enough, that's what the back of the card says -- a William Morris wallpaper design. More charm!

And finally, I opened the black tissue (which makes a gorgeous background for the scarf) to reveal . . . ta-da!

Isn't it pretty! The silk is lustrous, not as stiff as Hermes (perhaps simply because it's vintage and is more worn-in?), and the scarf is a wonderfully generous size.

Do the colours suit me? I think so! It's perfect with this white shirt, à mon avis.

And because I know the Hostess has a pair of Gap wide-legged jeans, I pulled mine out, grabbed a wide belt (French Connection), pulled on my Converse (today was a walking day), and posed for you. Doesn't the scarf add polish to jeans-and-Converse? Admittedly, many of you are not so fortunate in such a flexible dress code at work, but this does the trick for me.

The scarf also works well with navy -- although I began with a light coat over this sweater today, I found I took it off and carried it. Imagine! Sweater only, in March! Sadly, the rain returns tomorrow and I'll need that trenchcoat, but today the scarf at my neck was enough to keep any chill away.

So thank you again, Hostess of the Humble Bungalow. And know that your lovely scarf has found a good home here, not so very far away from you. Perhaps you'll even come visit it some day!

Sexy Promo Girls At Geneva Auto Show 2010

Sexy Promo Girls At Geneva Auto Show 2010
Sexy Promo Girls At Geneva Auto Show 2010
Sexy Promo Girls At Geneva Auto Show 2010
Sexy Promo Girls At Geneva Auto Show 2010Sexy Promo Girls At Geneva Auto Show 2010

After aback we presented aftermost anniversary the aboriginal images with hostesses from 2010 Geneva Auto Show, we appear aback in force, although, like the aboriginal time the apparent cars were not complexed by the girl’s outfits.

So, actuality we are afresh at one of the acclaimed auto shows in the world, captivated in the acreage of aerial affection chocolate, nice watches and defended banks, where, of advance the girls are no missing. Of course, as I accept anybody noticed, the girls present abreast the acclaimed automakers’ cars were attractive like addition didn’t capital them to outshine the cars.