Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring transitions

Right now the garden's at that transitional stage in which there are still tatty, tired remnants of winter, but they're everywhere being replaced by new growth. Above, for example, new leaves and buds of clematis alpina contrast greenly with last year's vines behind them.
Here are those buds, close up.

Similarly, the popcorn blossoms of the Ribes sanguineum 'White Icicle festoon an area backed by old rose and clematis vines, soon to be green themselves.
And the star-like skeleton of a giant allium (Christophii? giganteum? what did I plant here?) will soon be overtaken by the next generation -- this plant naturalizes wonderfully! From five or six bulbs planted seven or eight years ago, this patch will be a swarm of purple, fist-sized globes nodding on their tall stems above a pillow of strapping green leaves this summer. Can't wait!

And over the next week or two, the same thing's happening in my wardrobe, and yours, if you're in the Northern Hemisphere. Part of me wants to rush toward the lighter colours and fabrics; another part wants to get a few more outings for garments before they get tucked away 'til October. Letting the garden be my guide, I'm looking at how to let the old and new co-exist for a few weeks, at least, to keep the transition natural and interesting. Yesterday's outfit was one example -- I'll try to post one or two more over the next few days. Our weather accommodates: one day it's lovely, sunny, and warm; the next a wind blows in with rain and chill. What about you? Are you enjoying this spring transition? Has it arrived yet, for you?