Monday, March 15, 2010

Shoes to brighten your Monday -- Spring springs forward in orange!

That lost hour is really hurting me this morning! Crazy-busy, if satisfying, family weekend in Vancouver, which I'll tell you more about later, but right now I am almost three hours geographically from where I work -- luckily my class isn't 'til later this afternoon. But before I pack and head for the ferry, I thought I'd brighten your Monday morning, the one that arrived an hour too soon, with these shoes. My sister almost bought them on Friday as some post-exam retail therapy after our lovely lunch together. I think she won't be able to resist, and will pop in to pick them up this week (Rachel, 'fess up!)-- if you can't resist them either, check them out at Fluevog's.Rachel might be good at resisting, but she's no good at inspiring others to do so as well. Instead, she encouraged me to pick up the sisters to the orange beauties (both Macchiattas, in the Coffee family -- Fluevog shoes all have names).

.Admittedly, I'd gone in deliberately to pick up shoes to wear to the opera with my new dress (Catherine Malandrino) whose wild print seemed to demand something special.

On the mannequin below, it looks far too short, I know, but remember that the mannequin is probably 5'8 or 5'9. I'm always hoping I might get to be 5'4", but I guess that's not happening this lifetime. I wore it with black tights which I like to think mitigates the shortness factor somewhat. The dress is heavy silk jersey, and while it might not be standard opera dressing, I loved wearing it Saturday night, and I know I'll get much use from it -- great for travel, especiallyYou might be interested to know that we walked to the opera -- about 30 minutes each way -- and the shoes, brand new, were very comfortable despite the heel height. You might need your own pair . . .
Now I've got a ferry to catch. What rushing around are you doing on account of spring springing forward? That lost hour has been linked to a statistically significant jump in accidents the first week after, so take care.