Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thank you, and you, and you . . .

I was recently honoured to receive three blogging awards. While I've thanked the bestowers in comments on their blogs, it's time I acknowledged their kindness here:
Metscan, who has commented here thoughtfully, perceptively, and tastefully for quite a while, has recently, to the pleasure of her many cyber-friends, started her own blog Metscan, giving us a glimpse into her very stylish Nordic life. She kindly awarded me the Sugar Doll blog award. Thank you, Metscan!
Another commenter-turned Blogger, the charming Hostess of the Humble Bungalow, passed along to me the Beautiful Blogger award. Again, thank you so much for this honour!
And to complete the hat-trick, the fabulous Femme dĂșn Certain Age (the Parisian femme, not the LA one -- did you know there were two? did you know I've hung out in Vanc'r with the LA one qui est trè charmante, and hope someday soon to meet the Paris one?) granted me the Sunshine Award (and said some nice things about me, blush . . .)

All these awards come with the requirement that the recipient link back to the giver, which I've done, but they also ask for long lists of never-before-disclosed factoids about moi-même and they request that the awards be passed along to other bloggers. Well, I've been blogging almost three years, having posted close to 600 times, and you may have noticed that I'm not exactly a closed book --- people, if I haven't told you yet, I think there might be a good reason, so if you want to know more about me, I'm afraid you'll just have to come back here for new adventures.
And as for passing the awards along, much as I love the support in this blogging community, the way that awards help spread the joy and make new blogs known, I will echo some other fellow recipients who have commented recently on the difficulty of this task. After a certain time blogging, unless one manages a huge blogroll daily, awards and memes get stuck in a bit of a loop. I have a fairly small roster, and I've already passed memes or awards on to most of those at some point. I do need to update my blogroll in the sidebar and that's on my to-do list for the end of term.
Meanwhile, though, I will draw your attention to some blogs I think you might enjoy, ones I think deserve a bigger audience:
There's the obviously modest but talented, thoughtful, witty, and creative Tiffany down under at Truly the Dullest Blog.
And my gardening neighbour and friend, Jane, at GardenThoughts -- Jane is wise and perceptive, a talented gardener who loves to share her knowledge along with her joyful view of the world's daily gentle beauties. she doesn't post often, but when she does, the posts are just lovely.
I love to see the " stylish women of a certain age" component of the blogworld growing, and one blog I've recently discovered that covers that territory so well is L'Age Moyen. Regular what-I-wore photo-posts show creative yet work-in-daily-life stylings that inspire. Well worth adding to your blogroll.

Motor Modified for Relly

Motor Modified for RellyMotor Modified for Relly
This is a modification for Relly Motors. On demand for and satisfaction of the visitors of this blog. I tried to find the best Modofication picture. we can see here to modify Suzuki Skywave's a bit difficult. because the structure is less body good to me. but I do not mean to humble people who have a motor Skywave but I do not really like the Motor Modified this. This bike is for the city simple design and prioritize comfort in driving so, if the motor is in modification I think less so interesting.

New Honda Vario Modification 2010

Astra Honda Motor never shows the modification work on the Vario products. Today, Honda motorcycle manufacturer in Indonesia had returned to show through scooter New modification Vario will initially join the launch of the New Vario Modification jazz standards on Maret 04 last (void regarding the death of President Director of PT Astra International, Tbk Michael D Ruslim).
The model adopted is a modification of a vehicle for exploring the natural (off-road). "The concept that we provide FACT, which is fun, active, and cross tracker. Thus, this modification can be followed by those who like adventure," commented Djalu Pratomo, Product Research AHM.
Viscous characteristic off-road look at the front sepatbor higher. In the framework below, there is nothing that a liaison between the engine and chassis front rake. "Instead, we made re-frame with steel pipe. Chassis is similar framework Underbone and certainly more robust," added Djalu. It looks more muscular after the chassis was made extending to the body.
Another strong impression was on the front foot that has adopted the model upside down. Although not fully until the triangle on the sporting kind, handsome impression was represented by variations shock absorbers.
Rear shock absorbers made mono models. Bottom holder who wears a steel plate above the crankcase. As for the top, explaining that the holder Djalu made from the same plate and located on the trunk.
Number two in the body attached to the side indicating VARIO is a modified variant of the Honda after the Vario.